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Pope Francesco visiting Milano

On March 25, Pope Francesco will visit Milan, a very important event for Lombardy people but that can cause many discomforts to Milan habitants.

The areas affected by the Pope's visit are Linate, the arrival point, via Solomon piazza Duomo - where he held the Angelus -, San Vittore prison - where the Pontiff will meet prisoners - the Monza park - theater of the biggest and highly anticipated Mass, - San Siro stadium and then depart again from Linate airport.
In Milan we start from Zone 1 with Corso di Porta Vittoria, Piazza San Pietro in gessate, via Verziere, Piazza Cordusio, Piazza Santi Pietro e Lino, corso Magenta, Porta Vercellina, via Vico, via Bandello, via Bosso and via Olivetani . Prohibitions also in Zone 4, where they will be off limits via Repetti, via Marco Bruto, piazza Ovidio, Via Attilio Regolo, via Numidia, via Salomone, via Mecenate, viale Corsica, via Lomellina, Piazza Grandi, corso XXII Marzo, Piazza Santa Maria del suffraggio.
Closed to traffic in zone 8, via Novara, via Caprilli, via Montale, via Lampugnano, via Chekhov, Via de Gasperi and via Tesio.

Closed gates in the M1 metro at thr stops Lotto and Duomo "for - explains the Commune - security issues in anticipation of the great influx of people into the streets."
The same red line towards Monza until 15:30 will do last stop in Sesto Rondò and not in Sesto Fs, which will remain closed until then.

The parade will bring Papa Francesco from Milano to Monza will pass in Viale Fulvio Testi between 14:00 and 14:30 and, for the return, between 16:45 and 17:15.
In those times, can occur blocks the circulation to allow the passage of the Holy Father. The pedestrian walkways in Viale Fulvio Testi - Villa Torretta and Parco Nord - will remain closed to transit throughout the day.

The hub for the faithful who will reach the park of Monza for the implementation of the afternoon will be the purple line terminus at Bignami. Here is a shuttle bus service will connect with Monza, passing through viale Sarca, Milanese, Carducci and Fulvio Testi. From 6:30 in the morning till evening it will therefore be possible disruption to traffic - that will be allowed in any case - in the entire area.